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For the 57th Mostra Nazionale del Tartufo bianco delle Marche, Wooden Houses was asked to build a wooden structure below which people could eat while being protected from rain.

The occasion to have an important space

(a central square in Sant'Angelo in Vado) ignited our enthusiasm: we designed quite a huge structure (5,5x7,5 m) that could be

a safe space for people to spend time and socialise, but also a celebration of the beauty and versatility of our dearest material, wood.

We designed it in a manner that makes it possible to disassemble and reassemble it wherever we want, and we called it "Spazio Wooden Houses" (WH Space): this structure will be our presence in many squares of our territory.

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SPAZIO WH header.gif

The structure was designed in order to be assembled in a few hours (three and a half), so that the construction site could a sort of performance, a celebration of the ability of our team of carpenters and of the beauty of a wooden structure in its early stages.

And so it was: we invited people to take part to the construction of

the structure.

The invitation I created is an animation based on the render of the project.

The building site was a very circus: fifteen carpenters were engaged in the construction, truss after truss, while another carpenter was building the furniture (wooden furniture, obv).

The videomaker was filming with cameras and a drone, two waiters offered a little snack between the coming and going of people.

At the end of the three hours the carpenters collected their equipments while we finished the set-up placing plants, furniture, decors.

A short synthesis of the work in progress.

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