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An installation at the entrance of the Main Pavilion of Pitti Filati, born from a collaboration between Pitti Immagine and Modateca Deanna with the intention to celebrate Italian Knitwear excellence.

As an intern at Studio Paolo Bazzani, together with my colleague Sara Dessi, I curated the set-up in close collaboration with Set Designer Alice De Bortoli.

I then worked on the visual identity, creating the invitation, the colophon, some videos featured in the set-up and a video used as background of the opening conference.

POUR TOI_invito.gif

Pour Toi was an Italian knitwear brand which was active between 1984 and 1989.

For the visual identity we chose the iconic element of the crossword, featured in some collection from the Brand.

The exhibition was divided into five themes chosen by Modateca Deanna, the famous fashion archive owner of the garments that were displayed.

In accordance with the need to keep the set-up light to the sight, we designed various different volumes made with white wire mesh that could work as display stands.

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