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NABA took part to the February 2021 edition of Rome Fashion Week organised by Altaroma, one of the most important events of Italian fashion, with a selection of the best projects created by the students of the Academy’s Fashion Design Area, presented through the unprecedented format of the virtual show.

As an intern at Studio Paolo Bazzani, I worked on the concept of the video and then on the creation of the virtual environments, in close contact with the 3D Artist who created them.

Once on the set, together with Paolo Bazzani and Sara Dessi, we directed the video shoot basing on the storyboard we conceived.

The first part of the Fashion Film was shot in Naba campus, the rest was shot on led wall at On Air Studio, in Milano.

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NABA _ ALTAROMA 2021.png

The idea behind the video was a metaphysical journey that started in the NABA campus in Milano and led into ever-changing environments, that could fit the designers' collections.

The NABA annual theme was "The sound of fashion", which means that music was a crucial part of the film.

The final exit was actually a metaphysical dancing floor.

VIdeo & Art Direction: Paolo Bazzani
Art Director Assistants: Marco Dini, Sara Dessi
Original Soundtrack: Guido Tattoni
Virtual Environments: EDI Effetti Digitali Italiani (Realtime 3D Art: Andrea Zucchetti; 3D Modeling: Jonathan Marsala; vfx Producer: Chiara Castelli)
Video and Editing: Raphael Monzini
Casting and Styling: Antonio Moscogiuri with Mattia Cantoni, Leonardo Serva, Yves Tsou
Fashion Design Area: Colomba Leddi with Sara Khalilnejad, Simone Liscio
Hair Styling: Alessia Agus, Livia Primofiore, Nicoletta Tonti
Make-up: Daniela Decillo, Ornella Gioè, Alessandro Pompili
Studio Production: On Air Studio

On set.

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